Annual Conference 2023

Due to its size and geographic location, Texas is unique among states. The second-largest U.S. state by area sits at a crossroads where eastern geography meets western and the southern subtropics meets northern temperate climes. Here, weather is always a concern – rainfall ranges from 8 to 56 inches and tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, and winter storms are all prevalent. This convergence results in a resilient native plant life found in very few other states. 

Texas diversity extends beyond its ecoregions and plant life, ranking as one of the highest states for cultural, religious, linguistic, and racial diversity. This melting pot of life is a prime location to explore what the future holds when it comes to disaster readiness, alternate energy, cross-border partnerships, climate change, and engaging diverse audiences. Working at its core to find solutions are our Texas host gardens. 

Combining the historic Fort Worth Botanic Garden with the renowned Botanical Research Institute of Texas in 2020 created one of the major botanical institutions in the country, indeed in the world. Together, they reach more than 250,000 guests a year on a 120-acre campus in the center of Fort Worth's Cultural District. 

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden boasts beautiful theme gardens, including the Fuller Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and the Victor and Cleyone Tinsley Garden, which features plants native to north central Texas. They provide increasingly important education programs for students of all ages and backgrounds and one of the largest herbaria and botanical research libraries in the United States. 

The Dallas Arboretum offers an array of annual events, educational programs for children and adults, and an emphasis on family-oriented activities. Ground-breaking horticultural research conducted in its Trial Gardens continues to contribute to an important body of knowledge, both regionally and nationally. 

So, dust off your boots, be prepared to enjoy the best BBQ you've ever had, and we'll see y'all in June! 

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